My photography journey began 3 years ago whilst studying Art, Craft and Design as a GCSE, and found I had a strong interest in doing photography. This encouraged me to choose the subject as an A-level, which is where I started rapidly learning more about the art and discovering my own personal interests within it. I originally began shooting for a local band formed by four of my close friends. This was perfect for me to begin gaining experience whilst still learning the technicality of using a camera. I found myself experimenting a lot with slow shutter speeds, which is noticeable in my earliest album (Chelmsford Hotbox 2022), as the shots provided a much more abstract feel, and almost a sense of excitement to see what had been captured. Within studying slow shutter photography, I learnt techniques such as zoom blur as well as creating radial blur through the different movements of the camera itself. After a year in the subject, I was feeling very confident with my camera and all the techniques I had picked up throughout year, which pushed me to experiment with different types of shots. I jumped into landscape photography after seeing some of Zak Watson's atmospheric landscape shots. This then became a big part of my course work, and I found myself using a lot of Lightroom when editing my images, a software I hadn't used beforehand. Many of my best landscape shots were taken in the Snowdonia Mountain Range, as I took two trips up there, due to me having a large admiration for the natural aspects of the mountain range. More recently I have found myself shooting a lot of street photography, especially around London, alongside working commissioned jobs for bands who have reached out. Over my 2 years in the subject I believe I have developed highly skilled knowledge of the functionality of the cameras that I use, as well as the understanding of what creates a successful photograph compositionally. I can show great versatility when switching between different genres of photography, whether that be music, landscape, architectural or street photography, producing high quality images within each part. 
The camera I shoot on the most is my Nikon d3100 with a 18-55mm f.3.5-f.5.6 lens. The camera is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to effortlessly switch between settings, which is helpful in fast paced situations such as during a gig, when seeing a potential shot. I also love shooting on film, swapping between my Pentax k3100 and Olympus Superzoom 70, as it applies pressure to make each shot perfect before you take it. One of my favourite photographs  I have captured (Excel Shot) was on my Pentax, and knowing I had the perfect manual settings to capture this with only one shot was very pleasing.
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